24 hours till you’re hacked…
Choosing an approach to deal with vulnerabilities

MP VM Test-Drive

Discover how to protect against trending vulnerabilities. Establish both routine and emergency mitigation processes


Introduction Session

  • Hacker attacks, real stories and consequences
  • Non-tolerable events in terms of business risks
  • Our intelligence, Tools & Solutions overview

40 min

Break + feedback session

15 min

Asset & Vulnerabilities management principals

  • Pentest & Audit
  • Assets classification & management
  • Detecting and prioritizing vulnerabilities

40 min

Break + feedback session

15 min

Setting up the VM process

Instructor supported tasks

  • Vulnerabilities mitigation workflow
  • Dealing with trending vulnerabilities
  • Creation and tuning of the VM policies

60 min

Wrapping up + Q&A Session

20 min

Discover modern hacking
tactics and techniques

And how NTA-class solutions can help to detect
hacker activity on your network


The session will be useful both for cybersecurity technical specialists and for sales-force

Target Audience

  • Most beneficial for: Pre-sales, Sales Engineers
  • Also useful for: Sales, BDMs, Security Analysts, SOC staff, etc.


  • Instructor-led online session (f2f as an option)

Hardware Requirements

  • PC (Chrome-based browser installed)
  • Headset
  • Internet connection


  • Basic cybersecurity knowledge & skills
  • Advanced PC user


Participants will learn

  • Main principles of asset & vulnerabilities management
  • Tools and approaches to vulnerabilities mitigation process
  • Principles on how to run a pilot project with
    PT solutions
  • PT expert-services portfolio

Participants will be able to

  • Create and tune VM policies
  • Pass on basic VM skills
  • Explain advantages of using MP VM

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